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Abilene, Kansas
October 15th, 1994
2:56 pm
A baby was born, and this baby had a dream.
Growing up, he wanted only one thing. Not the same ‘ol toys like the latest gaming console or action figure all the other kids in the neighborhood wanted. No, this beautiful child wanted something that only real men and female carnies dreamed of... To have the best gosh darn beard this side of the Smoky Hill River.
That baby grew into the one you know today as The Kansas Man.
Being from the Midwest, you learn a handful of trades that everyone and their mothers take advantage of. From harvesting in July, to fixing your girl’s 1997 Corolla she won’t let go of. You have your hands full, so let us handle your beard.

Made with Avocado Seed, Hemp, Grape Seed, and Jojoba Oils. The Kansas Man Beard Oil will help your beard grow stronger-faster. While softening it and the skin underneath. Splashed with the best smelling scent that’ll grace your nose since the first time you smelled Kansas City’s barbecue. Paired with our Vegan Soy Beard Balm, even the hippies next door in Colorado will appreciate it.